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These are conferences I will or have spoken at, as well as summaries of the talks I’ve given.

Please note: I am no longer accepting conference or meetup speaking engagements since I’m 100% focused on growing my SaaS business. This includes talks I’ve previously given. Thanks for understanding!

Conference Date Location
GOTO Berlin October 23-25, 2019 Berlin, Germany
React Not a Conf May 11, 2019 Sofia, Bulgaria
React Finland April 24-26, 2019 Helsinki, Finland
FrontCon April 3-5, 2019 Riga, Latvia
JS Kongress March 11-12, 2019 Munich, Germany
Agent Conf February 21-22, 2019 Dornbirn, Austria
React Day Berlin November 30, 2018 Berlin, Germany
BrazilJS August 25, 2018 Porto Alegre, Brazil


Building resilient frontend architecture (Slides)

Change is inevitable. So is legacy.

And too often, we as developers (who love to solve problems by coding) fall into the trap of believing the only way to fix it is by rewriting everything again and again.

But how can we design an application architecture that is more resilient to change in the first place? How can we defend against entropy in a system where people are pushing changes every day?

In this talk we’ll define what architecture means for the frontend, dispel some commonly-held myths, and look at specific tools and techniques on a scale from micro to macro that you can use today to keep your app from turning into that infamous ball of mud.

This talk was given at Agent Conf (YouTube), FrontCon (YouTube), React Finland (YouTube), React Not a Conf (YouTube), and GOTO Berlin (YouTube)

Independent deployment of the frontend with Docker and Kubernetes

Why would you even want to move to a microfrontends architecture? You’ll learn the motivation, core concepts and principles behind microservices, how they can help your frontend team work more efficiently, and the tradeoffs that are normally involved when you try to apply them to single-page applications. Luckily, Docker and Kubernetes can alleviate a lot of these issues, and we’ll walk through a minimal but concrete example of building a microfrontends architecture with these tools on your local machine. Finally, you’ll see how you could migrate gradually and what it takes to bring this architecture to production. No previous knowledge of Docker or Kubernetes is required.

This talk was given at JS Kongress.

Secrets to a successful design system (Slides)

Inconsistent UI is the enemy of developers and designers alike. And while design systems are a modern and scalable way to solve this challenge, implementing one is not as straightforward as it might seem: from getting buy-in from management to picking your tech stack, rolling it out, and releasing changes to multiple apps — there are a lot of things that can go wrong. In this talk, you’ll learn how to pitch a design system to your boss, rarely discussed technical caveats and challenges, and how to set your design system up for success from the start.

This talk was given at React Day Berlin (YouTube)

The tech behind a design system that scales (Slides)

Design systems are a powerful way to scale a visual language across different products and technologies. This talk covers what a design system is and how a React-based tech stack can power a design system that scales as the number of developers, products, and parallel processes grows. You’ll also learn about critical considerations and best practices you’ll want to apply when introducing a design system at your company.

This talk was given at BrazilJS (YouTube), React Open Source Berlin Meetup (Youtube) and React Vienna Meetup (Youtube).


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