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Affilimate: Affiliate marketing analytics tool for bloggers

Affilimate’s mission is to help content creators earn more through affiliate marketing by bringing them industry-level tools at a price that independent publishers can afford. We do click-tracking, heatmaps, commission reporting integrations, automated link management, and optimization testing.

Built with: Firebase, ReactJS, TypeScript, Google Cloud Functions, and BigQuery

Blogging for Devs: A newsletter that teaches developers about blogging and SEO

Blogging for Devs has a 7-day challenge and subsequent newsletter that teaches developers about blogging and SEO – using technical terms that make sense for them. This newsletter grew to over 1,200 subscribers in under two weeks. Once a dev completes the challenge, they get a weekly newsletter from me with even more tips on growing a blog sustainably and without relying on Twitter fame.

Built with: ConvertKit


My blog posts have been read by over one million people over the last three years. I run several blogs on a variety of topics:

  1. Affilimate’s Blog — A blog on affiliate marketing for bloggers, running your blog in a data-informed way, and demystifying tech jargon for bloggers.

  2. Tech Blog — A blog on software development, technical management, and whatever bits of technology I’m tinkering with at the moment.

  3. Not a Nomad Blog — A blog for my fellow expats about worldwide travel, travel photography and Fujifilm, and living abroad.

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