Monica Lent

Monica Lent

Software engineer

Currently specializing in React and Node.

Past: Angular/Backbone, Python/Django, Neo4j/Postgres.


Hi. My name is Monica. I'm an American software engineer living in Germany. Before moving to Berlin, I worked in academia in domains such as natural language processing (NLP), eLearning, and cloud technologies. And long before that, I started making websites and learning HTML, PHP, and MySQL at the age of ten years old — you can imagine how baller my Neopets page was 😎 Since then I've specialized in frontend SPAs but generally love learning new programming languages and going outside my comfort zone.

These days I'm leading a distributed team of thirteen frontend engineers at SumUp, a German fintech company with major offices in Berlin, Sofia, and São Paulo.

My most recent passions and projects include design systems, chatops, U2F, and good documentation.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy reading or binging on Netflix sci-fi shows. When I find the time, I work on my travel and photography blog.


Tech projects
Tech blog: I try to share some of the things I learn in my day-to-day work for people googling error messages :)Droplist: Tiny list of your Digital Ocean droplets from the system tray. Written in Go during my last Christmas break.Typegeek: Vanilla javascript widget for typing Roman characters and producing polytonic Greek in unicode.Daphne - Library for interacting with parse trees, using d3. Read more about how it works.Dotfiles: Everything you ever wanted to know about a person.
Personal projects
Not a nomad blog: My travel, photography, and expat blog. Uses Hugo, a static site generator written in Go and uses a custom theme.


The tech behind a design system that scales (Slides)
Design systems are a powerful way to scale a visual language across different products and technologies. This talk covers what a design system is and how a React-based tech stack can power a design system that scales as the number of developers, products, and parallel processes grows. You'll also learn about critical considerations and best practices you'll want to apply when introducing a design system at your company.

This talk was given at React Open Source Berlin (Youtube) and React Vienna (Youtube). A refreshed version will also be presented at BrazilJS Conf in August 2018.

Work experience

Most of my jobs have had a heavy frontend component, implementing single-page applications. I'm currently working a lot with Node, and in the past have also worked a lot with Python (Django/Tastypie/Fabric) and Neo4j/Postgres.

Title Employer When
Lead Frontend Engineer SumUp Mar 2016 – Present
Senior Web Frontend Engineer SumUp Dec 2014 – Mar 2016
Research Associate (NLP Chair) University of Leipzig Aug 2013 – Nov 2014
User Experience Developer iPlant Collaborative May 2012 – Jul 2013
Student Webmaster iPlant Collaborative Jan 2010 – May 2012

For more details, you can download my CV (2017).