Responsive Images With Nginx on Ubuntu

I started looking into this topic because, as you’ve probably heard, Google changed its pagespeed insights tool (and search ranking algorithm) to focus on mobile-first. I’ve got an image-heavy blog that does pretty well in Google, but my pagespeed score was somewhere between 75 and 80. One of Google’s biggest complaints to me were that my images were not resized properly. The only problem is I have hundreds of images on that blog, and there was no way on earth I was going to actually create mobile-friendly versions of every single image.
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Set up Nginx and uWSGI

When browsing the web, I often read that setting up nginx with uWSGI is incredibly easy to set up and get running. I absolutely did not find it so, as I had to deal with a lot of configuration issues. So here’s how I finally got these components working together on an instance of Ubuntu 12.04. I ultimately hook this up to Django, but I’m sure the general principle would apply to other python frameworks with a WSGI interface.
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